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Because I happened to fall in love with a man who has this amazing, dorky laugh. c:


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Jul 17th
Anonymous: omg I'd love to have you back. ;-; seriously. not enough mimi on my dash.

are mimi blogs not updating or something? i’ve been up to date with some stuff but ;-; 

i don’t have newer photos OTL I am sorry ;AAAA;

Jul 17th


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Jul 17th
eonneo-deactivated20140719: I want you back. ;A; There's never enough Mimi on my dashboard! <3

;AAA; Really? dbnjkgbkeh

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Anonymous: Are you on hiatus? =(

depends…if you guys want me to come back?

i miss this blog but I took a long break and mostly because there were other zhou mi blogs out there. but he’s still my sunshine n_n always and forever.

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